Trout Fish

Talagene Trout produces farmed edible fish. Our main product is rainbow trout. We also produce smaller amounts of farmed sea trout. Fresh fish are generally delivered whole and gutted to the customers usually by air shipping.

The fish we export are sold to our customers either fresh or frozen, according to our customers’ demands.our main customers are United Arab Emirates, Iraq,Qatar.Oman Kuwait, Azerbaijan in fresh and frozen and usually frozen trout is exported to Russia.

In the late autumn and early winter, we also deliver rainbow trout roe, which is known as ‘red caviar’.

Rainbow trout in white and orange flesh is our main Salmonidae family product. This species of fish is well known and popular among consumers. This fish is known as Bioindicator of clean waters.

The quantities delivered, size and quality category, packaging, shipments and method of delivery are customized according to the needs and wishes of every customer. We deliver fish only to wholesalers and processing companies. We do not sell fish directly to stores, restaurants or consumers.

Our Farms:

Our rainbow trout farms are located in Charmahal Bakhtiari and Mazadaan provinces and the water source is spring and river.



The rainbow trout whose scientific name is Onchorhyncus mykiss the main member of Salmonidae family has been referred to with many different names, such as Farel in Russia and ‘ Ghezel Ala in Iran and …in Arab Countries.

 The rainbow trout is the most popular edible Finnish fish in many countries. It is a delicious food for everyday and containing great quantities of vitamin D, unsaturated fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids and high proteins.