About caviariran

Etminan Abzy Iranian Company with the brand name “Talagene” is one of the few companies distributing aquatic animals, which has started its work using the existing traditional experience and modern scientific science of designing, consulting, manufacturing products and providing services with new technology.
With years of academic teaching experience in national and international universities, the management team continues to incorporate the science of these years and the experience of consulting in large companies.
This company distributes caviar throughout Iran and exports it at the request of the Arab and European Union , Australia and….
The company tends to provide complete and sincere services and delivery of products at home.
In the last few years, this company, under the name of “Asan Mahi”, has delivered fish and other aquatic products to the customers at home, and with this method, has allowed effective steps in increasing the per capita consumption of aquatic animals and has been regarded as one of the first startups in this field.
The company considers complete trust and satisfaction of customers in using services in this field as its mission.

Another service of this collection is the use of a nutritionist, a member of the Iranian Nutrition Association, who recommends caviar therapy in various diseases and serves the customers as a compassionate companion in the treatment of diseases with a special discount. For more people around the world, caviar is a symbol of luxury and still for others, it is a symbol of income and employment.
Etminan Abzy Iranian Company is one of the few companies that has a license to export caviar and is also a member of the CITES International Convention in Geneva.
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
is an international agreement between governments, and the main purpose of this convention is to facilitate international trade in wildlife.